Thursday, January 21, 2010

January Tailwater

I've found that my limit for tolerable fishing temperature rides right around the -5 mark. This morning's temp. rode that limit, but we got some quality fishing time in none the less. Toe warmers sandwiched between 2 pairs of smartwool socks are helpful.

Here are some clips of a morning with Brett and his mutt Bosco. Bosco is actually a very good fishing dog. He knows to stay away from the water unless he's right behind or next to you. Most of his time on the shore is spent rooting through the grassy banks for critters, or gazing into the water for fish or crawfish. However, he has been known to occasionally dive head first into the water after intensely gazing in from the bank. I always wonder if he is actually spotting fish or just being tricked by the dancing light...

I shot this with my new Canon Power Shot D10 (Thanks Santa-Mom). This bad boy is waterproof so 2010 will be filled with experimentation with underwater footage and photos. I foresee a learning curve, you have been warned ;)

*I feel obligated to mention that it's never a good idea to lip a trout. It appears as though this bow was wrapped in line and Brett lipped him to get him quickly untangled.


  1. 85 Mph, Crankin Buckethead and Rippin lips


  2. my curiosity burns....what are in those dilapidated old red shacks?

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